Introducing Reusable Nappies from Little LoveBum

We are super excited to have LittleLoveBum joining us here at The Reusable Nappy Shop.

There are few nappies that both Caz and I use on our babies because we like totally different things in our nappies. However, we both adore the nappies from Little LoveBum. They are high quality, super convenient, and let's be honest, the prints are amazing! 

Nappies from Little LoveBum



The Quickdry nappy is precisely what it says on the tin, a nappy that dries quickly! 

The nappy is an all-in-one (so it literally stays all in one piece). It's made from microfibre (so fast drying), with a coffee fibre lining that prevents stains, reduces odours, is antibacterial, and keeps baby's bum cool.

Inside Quickdry

We measured the absorbency of this nappy as around 100ml, similar to many all in ones. So, it's not the most absorbent nappy in the world, but it has good absorbency, easy to use, convenient, and quick to dry.

What we love most about the Quickdry (and the Everyday) is the shape. There is no stuffing or prepping required, but you can still slot boosters behind the absorbent insert.

The Quickdry nappy feels similar to a stay-dry Motherease Wizard Uno, but sturdier in construction.

There are some drawbacks to the Quickdry, the microfibre insert can leak if it is compressed too much (such as in a sling, buggy, or car seat), and it isn't as absorbent as the other nappies from Little LoveBum. Still, we think it's great to 'fill the gap' if you need to change baby a couple of hours before bedtime, nap time, or going out.

We find the Quickdry and Everyday nappies very roomy, but the binding on the nappy means that they don't have to be tucked into the knicker line like many other nappies, and you should be able to get a good fit from around 10-12lb. Because they are very roomy, they should last right up to potty training for the vast majority of babies (hurrah!).

Everyday sizes

All the one size Little LoveBum nappies feature secure poppers to keep everything in place and include a wing popper to prevent wing-droop. They also have cross-over poppers at the waist to help fit tiny babies, but they can also be used to wrap the nappy up before placing it in your wet bag when out and about if you don't have the facilities to deal with a poo!



The Everyday nappy is similar to the Quickdry nappy in a lot of ways with the same general structure and fit. However, the absorbent section of the Everyday nappy is what helps it stand apart. It is made from hemp and bamboo with a stay-dry liner. 


Inside Everyday

The hemp and bamboo insert is sooo absorbent. We measured the absorbency as 160ml, which is more than some fitted nappies we have measured. So if your baby wees a lot, or you want a nappy that lasts a bit longer, without having to use a bulky fitted nappy, the Everyday nappy is a fantastic choice for you. It is unbelievably slim for a nappy that is so absorbent. 

Popper & Pocket

The Popper & Pocket nappy from Little LoveBum is a little different from the other two. It has a pocket for stuffing inserts, but the stay-dry lined Little LoveBum insert can also be poppered into the outer nappy like an all-in-two. This is a great nappy if you like the security of pockets for nursery or childminders, but you also want the option to avoid stuffing sometimes. 

Popper & Pocket

The Popper & Pocket nappy has the same popper arrangement as the Quickdry and the Everyday, but it doesn't have binding, so it needs to be tucked into the knicker line. The stretchy tabs on this nappy help you get a great fit. 

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