Which is the most absorbent reusable nappy?

We have been busy doing absorbency measurements on all our nappies (and even a few we don't stock for comparison!). Click here if you want to find out more about how we do the measurements, and remember these values aren't absolute, but they give a good comparison between different nappies.  

Without further ado, here are the final placings in the absorbency championships:

Nappy Type Absorbency
1 Easy Peasy Bambeasy Fitted nappy 255 ml
2 Bright Bots Terry Square Flat nappy 220 ml
3 Easy Peasy Bimble Fitted nappy 210 ml
=4 Little Lamb Bamboo  Fitted nappy 200 ml
=4 Ella's House Bumhugger Fitted nappy 200 ml
6 Little Lamb Cotton Fitted nappy 180 ml
7 Baba+Boo  Pocket nappy 175 ml
8 TotsBots Bamboozle Fitted nappy  165 ml
=9 Little LoveBum Everyday All-in-one 160 ml
=9 Tickle Tots 2s All-in-two 160 ml 
11 Muslinz Prefold Flat 150 ml
12 TotsBots Peenut All-in-two 140 ml
13 Tickle Tots AIO All-in-one 130 ml
14 Little LoveBum Popper & Pocket All-in-two 115 ml
=15 Close Pop-in All-in-two 110 ml
=15 Motherease Wizard Uno (stay dry) All-in-one 110 ml
=17 Little LoveBum Quickdry All-in-one 100 ml
=17 TotsBots Easyfit All-in-one 100 ml

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