Easy Peasy Bimble Nappy (Sized)

Easy Peasy Bimble Nappy (Sized)

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Type of nappy: Fitted


  • Popper, aplix, or nippy fastenings available
  • Fleece lined to keep baby's bum dry
  • Inner removable booster flaps out to speed up drying
  • Inner booster can be removed and nappy folded inside itself to fit smaller babies
  • Extra boosters can be placed into pouch if necessary

Where's it made: UK

Material: Cotton (size 0 comes with a removable bamboo booster)

Absorbency:  210 ml (Size 2)

Washing temperature: Max 60 C

Tumble dry: Yes

Sizing: Size 0, 7-15lbs, Size 1, 7-20lbs, Size 2, 20-35lbs+ 

Fit considerations: Can be quite bulky. Nippa Fastening will give the best fit.

What else do I need? A waterproof wrap (we recommend one wrap for every 3-4 nappies)

Inside sized bible