Our story

us with our babies
That's me, Emily, on the left with my youngest daughter, and Caz with her two boys on the right

It started with a bin bag full of nappies.

I drove over to the next town to pick up a cheap bundle of reusables I'd found on Facebook market place. 'There's some good stuff in there,' she said as she thrust the bag into my hand.

I nodded. Because really, I had no idea what made a 'good' reusable nappy. I just loaded the bag into my car, and off I went. When I got home, I examined my haul, with no clue really what I was looking at. I washed them dutifully and put them away in the baby's room. Then I waited for the little bum that would fill them.

A few weeks later the little bum arrived.

I was at a baby group when I noticed another baby in a cloth nappy. 'These wraps are terrible, they leak all the time!' Caz told me as she changed her own tiny newborn (she later confessed to me that she was very jealous of my baby's nappy... it was a Baba+Boo Newborn, incase you are interested).

I told her about my bag full of nappies, which luckily contained a few wraps she could try. Once we had sorted our own babies' bums, we moved on to converting the rest of the baby group. But we heard the same thing over and over again:

Reusable nappies are so confusing!

We vowed to spread the word that reusables really are simple. The truth is that most high-quality reusable nappies work fantastically on the majority of babies. Which nappy is best for your family mainly depends on your preference as the person doing the buying, changing and washing!

We got fed up with watching people fighting to buy nappies from abroad because they think they are the best nappies and the only ones that will work. 

So we started The Reusable Nappy Shop with a simple mission:

We sell reusables that work. No hype, just nappies.