How do we measure absorbency?

We measure the absorbency of every nappy we sell so you can compare different brands.

Here's how we do it:

1.  Nappies are pre-washed according to the manufacturer's instructions

2.  We weigh the dry nappy

3.  We put the nappy in a washing machine on a rinse with a low spin so the nappy comes out of the machine saturated but not dripping (your nappy would leak before it gets to the dripping wet stage)

4. We weigh the wet nappy and use the difference in weight between the wet and dry nappy to calculate how much water the nappy holds

5. Don't worry, the nappies do not go to waste! They are used by our local reusable nappy library.

This is just one way to measure absorbency

But we believe it is the most representative way to see how much liquid a nappy will hold. Manufacturers use their own ways of measuring absorbency, so our numbers might vary from theirs.

If you repeat our measurements, it's also important to remember that there are variations between nappies of the same type and washing machines, so your measurements might not be exactly the same.

Our absorbency measurements are there to give you a way to compare how much liquid a nappy can hold without using vague terms like 'very absorbent'.