How do I fit a reusable nappy?

Fitting a reusable nappy is easy once you know how, here are some pointers:


Nappy fit

1. Do up the rise poppers. If you have a small baby, we recommend starting on the smallest rise.

2. Place the back of the nappy just above the baby's bum crack.

3. Make a U shape with the nappy as you push it through their legs, so the nappy goes right into the knicker line.

4. The front of the nappy should sit under baby's belly button. Smooth it out so there is no bunched up fabric.

5. Pull the tabs up and around baby, fastening them in place with the velcro or poppers. 

6. Ensure the nappy is snug around the legs and no fleece or absorbent material from inside the nappy is sticking out at the legs or waist. You should only be able to see the waterproof outer material and binding.

7. The nappy should not be to tight at the waist, you should be able to fit two fingers in at the waist.