How do I wash reusable nappies?

Baby Washing Machine

When you take the nappy off your baby, make sure you pull out any inserts, fasten any laundry tabs, and scrape, knock, or rinse any solids into the toilet. Then put them into your bucket or wet bag until you are ready to wash. We don't recommend leaving your nappies more than three days before washing.

When you're ready to wash load your nappies into the machine and set the machine to do a cold rinse.

Once the rinse is done add any baby clothes, muslins, bibs, tea towels, cloths that also need washing. The machine should be quite full. 

Then measure out a full dose of powdered non-bio detergent and set the machine to do a long, intensive wash (usually called a cotton wash). Set the spin to 1000 or below, temperature to 60 or below depending on your nappies, and press start!

At the end of the wash all the soapy bubbles should be gone. If not, add an extra rinse and reduce the detergent a little next time.