Using reusable nappies at night

Babies in fitted nappies

1. For tiny babies who you are still feeding and changing throughout the night, you can use the same nappies as you use in the day time. If you need a little extra absorbency, try a Size 1 Little Lamb Bamboo Booster.

2. If you want a super absorbent nappy for an older baby that can last all night long, we recommend a TotsBots Bamboozle Size 2 with a Nature Babies Multiwrap Wrap. If you still need extra absorbency, you can place a Little Lamb Bamboo Booster or Baba+Boo Hemp Booster between the nappy and the wrap. 

3. If you're worried about losing sleep, you can always try your night time combination during your baby's long day time wrap for peace of mind.