Why use reusable nappies?

We could use this space to bang on about the environmental benefits of reusable nappies.
But we won't insult your intelligence.

If you're a parent, you already know how much waste disposable nappies produce. You see it in your wheelie bin every. damn. day. And even if you're not a parent yet, you already know that reusable nappies are the less wasteful option, or you wouldn't be here.


Babies in reusable nappies

1. They are beautiful. 

2. They not only look better than disposables, they feel better.

(On your hands, on your face, on your baby's bum, or wherever you chose to put them.)

3. They keep the poop in better than disposables.
Nobody wants to deal with a poo-nami.

4. They are cheaper (on average) than disposables. 

5. They are easier than you think. Really, we promise!