Muslinz Prefold Nappies

Muslinz Prefold Nappies

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Type of nappy: Flat


  • 100% cotton prefold nappy
  • 4-6-4 layer
  • Soft and absorbent
  • Small and trim
  • Can also be used as an insert or booster

Where's it made: Pakistan

Material: 100% cotton

Absorbency: 150 ml

Washing temperature: Max 40 C

Tumble dry: On low 

Sizing:  Size 1 - Newborn 11x14 inches, Size 2 - Infant 12x17 inches

Fit considerations: Can be folded into three and used directly in a wrap or folded around baby and fastened with a nippa.

What else do I need? A waterproof wrap, a nappy fastener (we recommend one wrap for every 3-4 nappies)