Tickle Tots AIO Nappy (One Size)

Tickle Tots AIO Nappy (One Size)

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Type of nappy: All-in-two


  • Waterproof outer layer with sewn-in absorbent bamboo core
  • Absorbent core can be flipped out to speed up drying
  • Slim fitting
  • Poppers on the front adjust the nappy size
  • Aplix fastenings 
  • Included booster can be added to pocket if extra absorbency is needed

Where's it made? China

Material: Bamboo 

Absorbency: 130ml

Washing temperature: Max 40 C

Tumble dry: No

Sizing: One size (9-35lbs/4-16kg)

Fit considerations: Double gusset is great for skinny legs and small babies.